Amazing gourmet cuisine

At Club Med, we know that incredible cuisine is a fundamental part of your holiday experience. That’s why we go the extra mile to bring guests the freshest, most authentic, most delicious dishes across all our resorts.

Club Med: A simple recipe for delicious food

Taste. Enjoy. Share.

Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or simply want to try some fantastic new cuisine, Club Med has you covered. From breakfast through to supper, our experienced and talented chefs take great pride in serving up spectacular dishes to our guests. With a wealth of options on the menu, and meals to suit all tastes and requirements, every plateful of our gourmet food is an experience waiting to be discovered.

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International Chefs

Wherever your destination, our international chefs are waiting to unleash a world of flavour with a touch of French flair. Across all our destinations, our chefs are incredibly passionate about gourmet cuisine and are experts in putting together unique and varied dishes. They blend local specialities with international favourites to tailor and curate exciting menus, whether you’re by the beach or on the slopes.


Speciality restaurants

We know that when you travel, you want to take in everything your destination has to offer, including regional cuisine. On our sun holidays, you can expect to start your day with exotic fruits, enjoying freshly caught fish by candlelight come the evening, served alongside local wines.

Across our ski resorts, you’ll tuck into a light and delicious breakfast that’ll provide all the energy you need for a day on the slopes. Come the evening, you’ll warm up with hearty vegetables and creamy dishes, sampling local spirits as the sun goes down.


New treats everyday

Holidays are about new experiences, so we always ensure the gourmet food served at our resorts promises something adventurous. With our lavish buffets and innovative menus, you’ll never have to taste the same thing twice.


Drinks and refreshments

Of course, it’s not all about the mealtimes. Throughout your day, you’ll no doubt crave the odd aperitif or refreshing soft drink, and we’ll be delighted to oblige. Included in your all-inclusive package you’ll get a range of delectable drinks. You’ll enjoy everything from a comforting coffee in the morning, through to an ice-cold beer in the afternoon, topped off with cocktails come sunset.