Eco Nature Resorts By Club Med

Eco certified Resorts fully integrated within perfectly preserved natural sites, with authentic and comfortable architecture. Enjoy a unique experience that includes discovery of the local plant and animal life.

A beautifully preserved natural site

In exceptional locations, The Eco Nature by Club Med Resorts propose a unique experience. An original proposition of sports, discovery and leisure activities will provide an introduction to the local plant and animal life.

Architecture in harmony with nature

The Eco Nature by Club Med Resorts blend totally into their surroundings. A truly unique holiday in the heart of the most luxuriant nature while enjoying the height of comfort.

What is eco certification?

Eco certification is granted by accredited organisations that guarantee the site's best environmental and social practice.

The 9 indispensable criteria for certification are:

• The implementation of a plan of action for sustainable development within the Resort
• Focus on raising GMs' awareness of sustainable development issues
• Active support for the economic and social development of the host region
• Respect of the local communities
• Effective management of water, protection of biodiversity
• Energy-saving and efficiency
• Reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases
• Protection of the quality of the air, noise management
• Management of solid and liquid waste

Learn more:

Michès playa Esmeralda: Our first eco-chic resort

Discover Michès playa Esmeralda our first eco-chic resort. Michès, in the Dominican Republic is situated on an unspoiled paradise offering a personalised beachside stay tailored too all groups. This exclusive collection resort will ensure your stay is nothing short of luxurious as you embark on a holistic wellness retreat.

Discover our eco-chic resort: Michès playa Esmeralda

Part of a global policy in favour of sustainable development

More sustainable development means responding effectively to the major challenges faced by humanity today: pressure on the planet's resources, and tensions between individuals and populations. Club Med is playing its role in this challenge by constantly improving its management of the impact of its activity in these two areas.

Our first eco-nature by Club Med resort: Cherating Beach, Malaysia

Discover our first Eco Nature by Club Med Resort, Cherating Beach in Malaysia. A memorable adventure in the heart of a tropical forest inhabited by macaques and gibbons. Total bliss on an exceptional coast with sea a delicate shade of green.

Discover our eco-nature resorts: Cherating Beach, Malaysia

A second eco-nature by Club Med resort: Rio Das Pedras, Brazil

Discover another Eco Nature by Club Med Resort, Rio das Pedras, in Brazil, alongside a beautiful stretch of private beach. The Resort is in the heart of a protected nature reserve, Mata Atlantica, renowned for having the richest biodiversity in the world.

Discover our eco-nature resorts: Rio Das Pedras, Brazil