Best locations for your festive holiday

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire are all well and good but, for some people, Christmas in the UK can be too cold and damp. Instead of building snowmen have you ever dreamed of building sandcastles on a beautiful beach under a blazing sun on December 25th? Many have an ambition to get away to warmer climes during the holiday season and there are plenty of options available. It may require a long haul flight but it can be well worth the journey when you arrive at a tropical paradise to enjoy Christmas with sunglasses. We have highlighted six destinations that offer both seasonal celebrations as well as the weather on your wishlist.

Sunny Seychelles

How would you like temperatures of between 25°C to 30°C on Christmas Day? And how would you like to celebrate with a party on the beach of your very own private island? For those who really love the sun and can handle the 10 hour flight, the Seychelles is a brilliant place to enjoy Christmas.

Local houses are painted in bright colours and festooned with decorations. Carols are playing on radios and sound speakers, perhaps with a reggae twist. Make sand angels on the pristine white beaches. Enjoy a traditional roast for your dinner but add an exotic touch with a glass of coconut rum and maybe some barbecued ribs.

And on the days when you are not celebrating Christmas, enjoy the amazing experience that the Club Med Seychelles resort delivers. Based on Sainte-Anne Island, teh resort is a Robinson Crusoe-styled paradise where you can explore the Marine National Park full of exotic fish or say hello to the sea turtles who are in the middle of their nesting season.

Getaway in Malaysia

Christmas in Malaysia is a public holiday enjoyed by many in the country. Although you may not see too many traditional religious symbols (it’s mainly an Islamic nation) there are still plenty of decorations and festivities to be found as everyone enjoys a universal feeling of celebration. Temperatures can reach as high as 33°C which means you are likely to return home with a superb tan. The Christmas sales are going strong in the shops for those last minute gifts but the beach might be the better option.

You will find traditional Christmas fayre such as turkey or roast potatoes here if you really want it, but we would recommend trying out the local curries and grilled meats to really enjoy a yuletide feast with a difference. Club Med’s Cherating Beach offers a prime location to soak up the seasonal sun with its mix of forest and beach giving you an untouched paradise to play around in as well as experiences such as a massage in the open-air pagoda by the sea. The resort will get everyone in the spirit with festive gourmet buffets, exciting shows, and even a visit from Santa Claus for the children.

Don’t miss DR

A Christmas holiday in the Dominican Republic offers the best of both worlds: sun and seasonal sights. The locals are crazy about Christmas and you will experience a festive and joyous feeling whatever you travel.

Join in the tradition of Angelitos, the DR’s version of Secret Santa where everyone is assigned one person to buy a gift for. Look out for the many Charamicos – Dominican Christmas trees, handcrafted from wood and spectacularly decorated. You could also encounter an ‘Aguinaldo’, Dominican carol singers who go from house to house, picking up more people on the journey. On the big day itself try a traditional roast pork dish or banana leaves that are filled with different types of meat.

Enjoy all this at the Club Med Punta Cana resort where you can start the day by enjoying a perfect sunrise from our Indigo Beach Lounge. Then take a trip to the Zen Oasis to revive the spirits before heading for the beach for a seasonal snorkel. The temperature reaches an average of 29°C so put sun tan cream on your gift list.

Feliz Navidad

As a religious country, Mexico takes Christmas seriously and you can enjoy all the Mexican traditional celebrations plus a climate that will put a smile on everyone’s face. The first thing to know about Christmas in Mexico is that the big meal takes place on Christmas Eve (called Nochebuena). That leaves you more time on the day itself to enjoy the glorious white beaches in Mexico. And with an average temperature of 24°C there will be no need for scarves and wooly hats.

Restaurants will be open if you want to do something special on December 25th but don't book too early in the day as many patrons will still be recovering from the previous night's festivities. It is also possible to book for local attractions, see our top 10 things to see and do in Cancún, many of which will be open, such as the local Mayan ruins. How many of your friends will be celebrating Christmas Day next to a pyramid?

Club Med Cancún is the perfect place to celebrate Yuletide in Mexico, giving you easy access to both beach and city and the chance to enjoy capacious swimming pools if you don’t want to travel far. Why not treat everyone to the Jade 5 Trident Luxury Space accommodation?

Party in paradise

If you really want to get away from it all then the Maldives is ideal. Christmas is not a big festival in the country, meaning you are unlikely to see decorations, trees and santas wherever you roam. What you are left with instead is an untouched paradise and the beach holiday you really need. Your Club Med resort can add the festive touches leaving you to explore the beauty of the islands.

You will need to travel for around 13 hours to enjoy a temperature of up to 30°C – this is a Christmas break that requires t-shirts. The pure white beaches can provide the illusion of snow for those who really want it but you will probably be more interested in lounging, snorkeling and exploring. Club Med Kani offers an ideal Christmas treat in the form of beautiful beach bungalows, perfect for families, or a 5-Trident overwater suite in our luxurious Exclusive Collection area, with champagne served every day from 6pm.

If you are video chatting with relatives at home, try not to make them too jealous.

Bali Ha’i

Around 20 million people celebrate Christmas in Indonesia which means you will still see the traditional signs of the festive season on your travels. In Bali, where Club Med is based, the Hindu majority also gets involved through the custom of providing a gift of food to neighbours.

Whether any of this really matters in your exotic retreat is another question. In an area surrounded by temples, jungles and volcanoes, Christmas Day could involve an exciting adventure before the beach beckons with the chance to try some local food afterwards. Temperatures are around 27°C meaning you will be enjoying the weather you wished for before embarking on your 17 hour flight from home.

A typical Club Med Christmas in the sun

If you are worried that the above destinations may be a little too exotic for the kids then Club Med will make sure that Christmas traditions can still be found away from the beach. Our resorts will put on a show for Christmas Eve and have something on the menu the next day if you have family members who really love their turkey. Santa Claus himself could even make an appearance and your little ones can expect an extra special gift to put a smile on their face.

For you it means Christmas without the hassle and the huge bonus of sun, sea and sand. So try something different this yuletide and book your Christmas day in the warmth now.