So you’ve booked your skiing holiday and can’t wait to spend some time on the slopes. But this time it’s different. This time the children are old enough to go with you and try out the sport for themselves. Whilst you’re happy to zoom down the black runs, what’s the best way to get the kids skiing?

Before you hit the slopes

One of the best things to do before even beginning any lessons with your kids is to get them used to the different skiing positions. Practice exercises such as knee bends with them or balancing games where you all stand on one foot.

The next step is to get your kids used to the skiing equipment. Even before you are near the snow, let them try the gear on, put their feet in the skis and become familiar with everything. Talk them through what each part of the equipment does and why it’s important. And have fun with dressing up.

The most important thing

Above all, keep your skiing lessons fun, because skiing is fun and once learned can offer a lifetime of enjoyment.

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