Planning a family holiday can be tough with the aim of pleasing everybody all of the time. Young children may react badly to long journeys and unfamiliar surroundings. Teenagers might go into a week-long sulk if they get bored. And when will you actually find the time and space to relax yourself? Planning your best ever family holiday is actually quite simple with a little preparation.

Why are you going?

The first basic question to ask is about the nature of your holiday. You might be searching for some summer sun or looking forward to reinvigorating your ski-ing skills on a mountain in winter. For snowy holidays the obvious and best choice is one of our dedicated resorts such as Alpe d’Huez where everything is designed around a great experience for you and your family. If you’re a sun seeker then Miches in the Caribbean is the ideal all year round choice as the temperatures rarely fall too low and the chances of rain are minimal.

What’s going on?

Ask what you plan to do when you get there. If it’s ski-ing then will the kids be able to join in and have they ever shown any interest in ski-ing? If that’s a negative then you need a resort such as Grand Massif where there’s plenty more for them to do and they can enjoy supervised fun while you head down the slopes. For summer holidays, what’s going on behind the beach? You may want to spend a week lying on a sun lounger but make sure there’s enough to do for everyone else. Check out excursions, facilities and childcare arrangements. Of course, with Club Med all this comes guaranteed. Resorts such as La Pointe aux Canonniers are designed with families in mind offering simple to select activities and a range of fascinating places to visit.

Plan your itinerary

With that in mind, it’s always good to plan out your break. Make time for yourself and time with the family. Decide in advance what you want to do and when, but leave a little bit of flexibility in case a member of the family suddenly decides that they want to swim with Manta Rays (which you can do at our Kani resort in the Maldives). Get everyone to choose one activity they’d like to do and see if you can work a schedule around that. Also, check out the really relaxing things you deserve to experience as the person paying for the holiday. Our Saunas and Zen pools are there for your pleasure and you should have the time to fully enjoy them.

Expand their minds

Great family holidays often have unexpected moments that everyone talks about for years afterwards. Plan for the unexpected. Choose an activity that your kids may never have tried before but could well love. For example, if you’re going to Cancún book a day trip to Mayan ruins for an experience that could fire their imaginations. Alternatively, plan some time in town to try the local street food and give them a love of spicy snacks that could last a lifetime.

Pack for flexibility

If you’re heading for the beach don't assume that all you’ll need is beachwear. Likewise your ski-ing holiday may demand more than some snow gear. In particular with a Club Med holiday, assume that you could be doing a few things that you might not imagine just yet. Don't overpack but make sure everyone can dress for warm days, cold mountains and luxurious restaurants. It’s better than having to panic when you reach your destination.

Get them excited

Build anticipation about your holiday. Talk to the kids about where you’re going, what makes the place special and some of the amazing things they can expect, Whether it’s the chance to see a rare bird in the Seychelles or joining a party on a pirate ship, get their juices flowing. Watch a documentary about your destination and sell your holiday as an adventure rather than a timetable.

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