The Dominican Republic offers every visitor a challenge: there are so many magnificent beaches and so little time. The island is ringed by soft, powdery white sands, waving palms, amazing views and Caribbean seas that virtually insist on a swim or paddle. In the end, the choice is down to you and what you want from your holiday: sheer relaxation, the buzz of a crowd or the right conditions for exhilarating water sports.

We’ve selected six of the best beaches that we’d highly recommend to any fortunate visitors to the country.

Bávaro Beach

Probably the most famous and popular beach on the island, Bávaro in Punta Cana is also one of the best. It stretches into the distance on the North Coast of The Dominican Republic and offers everything you dream about when thinking of Caribbean holidays.

Although sun seekers visit in their droves every year, it’s still possible to find your own area of calm in paradise and brilliant beachside bars where you can sip on a cocktail without a care in the world. For the sporty, there’s a bustling zone for sailing and other water activities. Slightly inland, the shopping is ideal for those who want to pick up a souvenir of their time in this marvellous area.

Playa Rincón

For those who want to get away from it all, Playa Rincón will give you the comforts of a castaway if you so desire. The calm waters reflect the mood of the beach, containing some of the best snorkelling sites around, but the sheer beauty on display will make the biggest impact on your soul.

Looking for lunch? Maybe you’ll pick up a coconut from the many trees that surround the sands. If you do want some human company then head for a meal of fresh fish provided by a charming local restaurant.

Playa Boca Chica

If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of busy beach life, Boca Chica is the place to go and be seen. The main feature is the large coral reef that surrounds the area and water that never goes below four feet in depth making the beach more of a giant paddling pool. It’s perfect for families who are trying to teach the kids to swim.

Along this mile long stretch of perfect sand you’ll find restaurants of all shapes and sizes and all the extras you’d expect from one of the island’s most popular places to hang out on a weekend.

Las Galeras

Here’s another great choice if you’re looking for seclusion to go with your sojourn in the sun. Las Galeras is close to a small fishing community but is essentially isolated from the worst aspects of modern life. Mass tourism hasn't arrived here yet and you can stretch your towel out without being disturbed all day.

If you feel the need for something beyond sunbathing then it’s a great spot to try a little deep sea fishing and you can also hire quad bikes and boats to enjoy some adrenaline rushing. It may be a little tricky to get to Las Galeras but it’s well worth the journey.

Playa Cabarete

If you’re looking for the thrills of windsurfing or kiteboarding then Playa Cabarete has a global reputation for the quality of the sport it offers. The regular breeze from the Atlantic means that the surf is always up, the waves are high and there’s a constant, happy sound of people splishing, splashing and enjoying their holiday.

As well as the backdrop of kites and sails, there’s an abundance of natural beauty and plenty of places for sunbathing. Plus there's a busy social scene as well thanks to the number of visitors looking for a fun time. In short, it's the ideal location for those who want to spend most of their time in the Dominican Republic on the water or in a nightclub.

Playa Colson

We end with another beach that delivers sheer delight with its sands, stunning seas and the added bonus of a jungle backdrop to provide true Robinson Crusoe vibes. It’s lively and it’s beautiful.

Playa Colson essentially sums up all that’s best about the beaches in the Dominican Republic in one place. There are plenty of watersports available as well as the quiet corners where you can simply sit back and enjoy the sun. The restaurants aren't bad either. In short, it’s the ultimate all rounder.

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