Preparing for your Club Med ski holiday

Before your stay

Manage your booking and download the ''My Club Med'' App

Access the details of your trip anytime by visiting your Member Space on the Club Med website. Download the My Club Med app and find out what's happening at the resort during your stay. Including get some holiday tips, discover the wide range of activities and excursions on offer and much more.

Access your trip details on the Member Space or My Club Med App by using your GM account number or file number.

Download My Club Med App

Easy Arrival to save time

Ski equipment rental, ski class sign-ups, necessary childcare information, check-in and check-out information... our Easy Arrival online service allows you to prepare your trip so that every thing is ready to go when you arrive! It’s the guaranteed stress-free way to save time.

This service is offered:

  • 40 days before arrival for Silver, Gold and Platinum Great Members
  • 30 days before arrival for Turquoise Great Members
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Transportation and Transfer information

If you reserved a trip that includes transportation, you will receive all of the documents necessary for your trip and transfers. If you reserved a trip without transportation, we can organize your transfer to the Resort. Parking spots* are also available in the majority of our resorts.

*At extra cost

What to pack for you ski holiday

✔️ Bath towels
✔️ Shower gel and shampoo
✔️ Towels for the pool, if there is one


Your identity papers. They will be requested when you arrive and sometimes on the slopes, especially on cross-border ski areas.
✔️ A warm waterproof coat
✔️ A ski jumpsuit
✔️ Thermal tee shirts
✔️ A sweater or fleece
✔️ A hat or headband
✔️ A neckband or scarf
✔️ A pair of gloves or mittens
✔️ High socks
✔️ Ski tights
✔️ Ski mask
✔️ Ski googles
✔️ Full spectrum sunblock made for skiing
✔️ If you are travelling to a Resort with a pool, bring a pool cap (obligatory in Italy, recommended elsewhere)

Are you travelling with a baby?


In Resorts with a Baby Club Med®, a Baby Welcome® kit will be waiting for you in your room:
✔️ Crib
✔️ Baby bathtub
✔️ Bottle warmer
✔️ Stroller

Baby Welcome® is included in your all-inclusive package. To arrange yours, simply ask when you make your reservation.

§ Changing rooms are available in the Resorts’ common spaces 24/7
For meals, you have three options:
The Baby Corner: this dedicated space in our restaurants offers a diverse buffet and a choice of baby-sized savory and sweet bowls. It is stocked with a mixer, a bottle warmer and a microwave oven.
The Baby Restaurant: a restaurant especially conceived for children, where kids can enjoy delicious and healthy meals made just for them, either accompanied by you or the Baby Club Med G.O.s®
Les Biberonneries: Here you will find all you need to prepare your baby’s meals, 24/7 (sterilizer, bottle warmer, microwave oven, mineral water, small dishes...)

What you need to plan :
✔️ Bibs
✔️ Breastmilk/formula
✔️ Diapers
✔️ Baby wipes
✔️ Their favorite stuffed animal

Arrival and check out information

Your arrival

At Club Med, the usual arrival day is Sunday. Perfect to avoid traffic!
When you arrive at the Resort, our G.O.s® will welcome you with a smile. Arrivals typically take place between 3pm and 8pm.
If you arrive earlier, lunch can be arranged. Your ski passes take effect the day after you arrive.
At extra cost

The check-in

You will find everything you need for your stay at the Resort’s reception area: your ski passes and your Club Med Pass card (or Club Med digital bracelet) that will be your room key, equipment locker key and payment method for à la carte services.
Depending on the Resort

Registering at the resort

Sign ups are zero stress at Club Med!
Ski classes, kids clubs... you can sign up for it all in the Resort and even before if you are registered for the Easy Arrival* online service. This is the Club Med difference that makes it easy to fully enjoy your holidays from the moment they begin!

Your Club Med pass

We recommend that you open an account at reception with an international bank card as soon as you arrive.
The Club Med Pass card (or your digital Club Med bracelet) will allow you to freely pay for à la carte services (Spa treatments, purchases at the boutique...). Your total purchases will automatically be added to your account and you can settle the bill at the end of your trip.
With the Easy Arrival* online service, you can register your bank details before your trip to save time when you arrive.
Depending on Resort

Collect your ski

At the Club Med Ski Pro Shop®, you can rent your ski equipment in a fully functioning store located in the heart of the Resort and enjoy the expert advice of our G.O.s®
We offer the latest equipment from the best brands on the market adapted to your skill level.
If you have used the Easy Arrival online service, your equipment will be waiting for you in your ski locker!

Check out

  • Your room must be vacated by 10am
  • A luggage storage space* is available for your use
  • Lunch is included
  • Your ski pass is no longer active
  • in the majority of our Resorts

During your Club Med holiday & Glossary of Club Med words

Restaurant information

The buffet service at your Resort’s restaurant brings together a variety of original and revisited classic dishes to please every palette.
The Resort’s bar offers refreshments at key moments in the day as well as salty and sweet snacks.
In certain Resorts, enjoy a late breakfast, a snack or a late night menu in our Gourmet Lounge. Cozy atmosphere guaranteed!
Available at Valmorel, Arcs Panorama, Grand Massif Samoëns Morillon, Val Thorens

En savoir plus

Club Med's festive spirit

The Club Med spirit also means unmissable festive moments all throughout your stay:
Return from the slopes for a friendly happy hour at the end of the morning and at afternoon snacktime
“Crazy Signs” – Club Med’s signature and easy to learn dances
Pre-dinner cocktail, often accompanied by a musical group or activity
Club Med Shows, which also star your kids and teenagers at the end of the week. And don’t forget the nights on the dance floor!
During the week, G.O.s.® may also offer to join you for a meal or a cocktail so that you can share a social moment.

En savoir plus

24/7 Reception support

  • At your Resort’s reception, open 24/7 and with the Guest Relations team, available at all times in the day in most of our Resorts
  • On the digital information screens or bulletin boards in the Resort
  • On the My Club Med App: your mobile app to download and find information in real time.

Everything there is to know about club med vocabulary

G.M.®, G.O.®, Village Chief, Crazy Signs... these are a few of the words that you will hear often at Club Med. Don’t worry, we’ve prepared a short glossary for you to keep you up to speed before you arrive.

Everything there is to know about club med vocabulary

A typical day at Club Med

7:30 AM– Start off on the right foot

After waking up peacefully and enjoying a gourmet breakfast to fill your tank, head to the ski room to pick up your ski equipment. You will find your group and your instructor in front of the Resort: almost all of our Resorts are located at the foot of the slopes!

9:30AM – Conquering the slopes

Get your ski morning started! Your French Ski School instructor will tailor your lessons to the group’s skill level, your needs, and the day’s weather conditions so that you can fully enjoy the mountain in total safety.
In Italy and Switzerland, Italian and Swiss ski schools, respectively

12 Noon – A friendly lunch

After a morning on the slopes, the GOs are waiting at the foot of the mountain to share a friendly drink before you lunch with your travelling companions or friends from the slopes. A variety of hot meals, salads and regional dishes are all on the menu to fill your belly.

13:30 - Full steam ahead !

Head out with your group for an afternoon of skiing. Explore the mountain, learn new techniques, and share fun moments with new and old friends. It all comes together for an experience that delivers the best that the slopes have to offer, perfectly adapted to your skill level. Reach new heights!

4PM – Gourmet break

Head back to the Resort where young and old alike will meet up after the last run for a gourmet snack. Savory bites, crepes, waffles, fruit and other delights are waiting for you, along with a range of hot drinks. This is the perfect moment to share your stories of the day’s adventures!

5PM - Take some time for yourself

After all that hard work, enjoy some comfort! Take a few laps in the pool, enjoy a massage at the spa*, or join a fitness class. The Resort is bursting with activities to recharge your batteries. But the best way to relax might be share a moment with your family or better half and simply chill out.

*At extra cost

7PM – Evening delights

Before dinner, a cozy cocktail is waiting for you at the Resort’s bar. You’ll sample the cocktails of the day and other refreshments while enjoying live music or activities organized by the G.O.s®. French cuisine, flavors from around the world and Savoyard specialties will surprise your taste buds every day.

9:30 : To the stage!

Dance, comedy, theater, magic, songs… our G.O.s® proudly invite you to enjoy live performances multiple times a week. And at the end of your stay, it’s the children’s turn to take their star turn. Come out and cheer for them!

10PM : Bring it to the dancefloor

After the show, conquer the dancefloor yourself! If choose, our G.O.s® and loyal G.M.s® will teach you our Crazy Signs, the famous Club Med choreography that is easy to learn. Depending on the night, you can enjoy a range of activities such as games, blind tests, or simply a fun time on the dancefloor with a cocktail from the bar in hand. The day ends on a high note!

A typical day at Mini Club Med

Morning: 8:30am – ready for the day

After a delicious breakfast with the family, you’ll get your kid suited up in their ski gear and bring them to the G.O.s at the Mini Club Med. In the ski room, the G.O.s will help them make their final preparations and put on their ski boots... and, of course, remind them to put on sunscreen!

9:00am – Budding Champions

Our G.O.s place the children in the appropriate level group and then it’s time for two and a half hours of skiing with friends! The French Ski School* instructors help them make progress every day. By the week’s end, your child will earn his or her champion’s medal!**

  • Italian and Swiss ski schools in Italy and Switzerland
    **At extra cost for ESF medals

12 noon – a well-deserved break

Once morning classes are finished, the G.O.s pick up your kids from the instructors and bring them to the restaurant. You will join them for lunch, or you may choose to leave them with their friends and the G.O.s to fuel up on a healthy and delicious lunch.

1:30PM – Back to the slopes!

Your child heads back out for two and a half more hours of ski class. Snowplows, turns, full speed, moguls and powder – the instructors adapt the speed and exercises to the group’s skill level, the children’s fitness and the weather conditions. They also know how to make them laugh and inspire them to learn!

4PM – Snacktime

After getting nice and worn out, there is nothing better than a good snack to get your energy back. The kids will enjoy crepes, Belgian waffles, fruit and cakes served with fruit juice or a hot chocolate. Parents are also welcome to share this gourmet moment with their kids.

5PM – Fun and games

While they wait for you to get back from the slopes, your children will play with their new friends and the G.O.s. At 5:30pm, it’s time for your big reunion! From a swim with friends and family at the pool to a nice hot shower and chill time in the room, there is plenty to keep you busy before dinner.

7PM – Dine as you wish

It’s up to you. You can dine together as a family or send your children to the Mini Club until 9pm while you enjoy a romantic couple’s dinner. In certain Resorts*, you can also try out our new family restaurant concept, where children invite their parents to sample the dishes they prepare!

  • Offered at Grand Massif Samoëns Morillon and Arcs Panorama

8PM – The kid's show

On some nights after dinner, the G.O.s head to the stage for a show conceived just for kids. Dancing, games, comedy: smiles are easy to come by. Kids will also learn “Crazy Signs” – Club Med’s signature easy to learn dances.

9:30PM – Showtime

It’s showtime! On certain nights, join the family to enjoy one of Club Med’s shows. When the weekend comes, it’s your children’s turn to take the stage for a show that puts them in the limelight!

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