Our promise to you!

At Club Med we look to go above and beyond to provide luxury all-inclusive holiday experiences. On holidays discover a whole new world with unique activities, world class sports and services fit for families and couples.

Find out what makes us different, discover our Signatures - Our little touches which make our holidays extra special.

Discover Club Med – worldwide resorts all-inclusive experiences.

The Club Med Spirit

From the minute you take off, to the minute you return, everything we do revolves around making your holiday happy. So let us take you on a journey, a very happy journey, to prepare you for your holiday and help you make the most of every moment with Club Med.

N°2 - 6 first years, 6 free years

With Club Med's free stays for children below the age of 6, premium family holidays have never felt so easy.
Your little ones make all the difference.

N°21 - Letting go before touch down

With Club Med's optimal travelling conditions, all you need to do is show up at the airport, we'll do the rest (best airline companies, traferts to the resort…).
On holiday before it even starts!

N°29 - First to book, first to pay... Less

With Club Med's early booking service, our early bookers enjoy the best discounts.
The early bird catches the world!

N°60 - Your satisfaction is our reward

With Club Med's award winning client relationship management, customer satisfaction is what sets us apart.
One contact, before, during and after your stay!

N°48 - Safe travels, safe stays

With Club Med's full repatriation assistance, we take care of you no matter what (missed flight, lost luggage…).
Stress-free from start to finish!

N°34 - Make virtual a reality

With Club Med virtual reality, go there before going there!
Your resort preview has never been so close to home.

N°66 - Book now, decide later

With Club Med's option service, give your decisions the time they deserve.
Book, then decide!

N°23 - Learn to swim in paradise

With Club Med's certified swimming instructors, you (your children) can learn to swim for a lifetime in all of our french Resorts. Dive in and join us!

N°75 - Download, prepare and enjoy!

With Club Med's mobile app, before and during your holiday, get all the up to date info at your fingertips.
Download and enjoy!

N°71 - Signing them up for instant fun

With Club Med's Easy Arrival service, insantly sign them up to the kid's club before you arrive and make every single second of your holiday count.
Stop queuing, start playing!

N°16 - Unique line-ups, unlimited talents

With Club Med Talents, discover an array of diverse and breath taking performances throughout your stay. Sit back and cheer the artists from around the world. Explore entertainment on a whole new level!

N°8 - Preserved resorts made in paradise

With Club Med's pioneering spirit, discover heavenly spots and meet with true beauty and its wealth of culture.
Discover the world's hidden wonders!

Our Family Signatures

N°38 - Putting your little stars on centre-stage

With Club Med's shows for kids and by kids, homegrown talent has a whole new meaning.
Sit back and be proud!

N°36 - Tomorrow’s champions

With waterskiing, mini-tennis and mini-golf available from the age of 4 in some resorts, the champions of tomorrow are born today.
Making the amazing accessible!

N°10 - All day childcare, endless fun

With Club Med's all day childcare, make the most of your days and your evenings while they have the time of their lives.
Have your fun, while they have theirs!

N°67 - Friends from around the world

With Club Med's international GMs, give your children the chance to develop worldwide friendships.
Expose them to a world of culture!

N°20 - Teen'tastic!

With Club Med's dedicated teenage activities such as mixing and film directing or music class, your teenagers too will have the time of their lives.
Watch them take on the world on!

N°25 - Every littlest detail for your little ones

With Club Med's all-inlusive toddler care, all you need to bring is your family; we've covered the rest.
Whatever it is, we take care of it!

N°7 - Seperate bedrooms, inseperable moments

With Club Med's interconnecting rooms, give your young ones a taste of independence.
Give them space whilst keeping them close!

N°58 - Happy children make happy parents

With 4 types of all-day kids clubs from 4 months to 17 years old with professional GOs, your children will blossom in a social, multicultutral & dynamic environment.
Watch them learn through play!

N°9 - Childcare-meals on the menu

With Club Med's GOs taking your children to lunch or dinner, turn half-day activities into full-day experiences.
Free your mind and your time.

Discover our family resorts:

Our Well-Being Signatures

N°51 - Warm up and chill out

With heated swimming pools, hammam and sauna included, après-ski takes on a whole new dimension. Jump in and zone out!

N°52 - Zen Zones for zen souls

With Club Med’s adult-exclusive Zen spaces, swimming pools, bars and tranquility are a hop away. Step into pure bliss!

N°15 - Prestigious spas, sensational brands

With Club Med's prestigious partnerships with leading spa brands, put sensory experiences at the heart of your holiday.
Relaxation is a sport!

Discover our best resorts to relax:

Exclusive Collection Space



Our Gastronomy Signatures

N°46 - A taste of france, worldwide

With Club Med's fresh French bread and pastries, enjoy the best of France the world over.

N°26 - Gourmet everyday, gourmet all-day

With Club Med's all day dining, freedom has never tasted so delicious. Savour, and savour again!

Discover our best resorts for gastronomy lovers:

Our Sun Signatures

N°53 - Live Club Med Circus School

With Club Med circus school, elevate your thrill through 25 acrobatic and artistic activities designed to help you achieve the unexpected. Talent is in the air!

N°59 - Wake-up & Tee-off

With golf included in some Club Med resorts, keep your passion close by.
Hit those foreign fairways!

N°13 - Serving up the best of tennis

With Club Med's extensive tennis facilitities and international coaches, Grand Slams are truly within sight.
Become a champion with our Babolat partnerships!

N°87 - Make the oceans your playground

With scuba diving scuba diving experiences, immerse yourself and explore a vast new universe.
Dive into the unknown!

N°17 - Mountain guides for real adventurous

With Club Med's choice of exclusive guided trail excursions, on foot or on mountain bikes, the back country has never felt so accessible.
Reach the summit of mountain adventures!

N°73 - Try new activities, reveal true passions

With Club Med's range of exclusive activites, try your hand at trendying sports such as nordic walking, paddle-boarding or even thai boxing.
Try it and love it!

Discover our sun resorts:

Exclusive Collection Space



Our Ski Signatures

N°5 - The warmest of après-ski welcomes

With Club Med's after ski happening indulge in a selection of delights in the company of friendly GOs.
Warm up while you cool down!

N°18 - Ski while everyone travels!

With Club Med's flexible departure dates, changeover day becomes the best day of the week.
Swap packing for skiing!

N°19 - Students today, champions tomorrow

With multiple levels of kids ski and snowboarding lessons, tomorrow's champions are born today.
Let them reach for the stars!

N°27 - Ski all day, eat on the way

With inclusive access to mountain restaurants, skip your resort stop and ski through the day. Ski more, ski further.

N°32 - Hike, swim, climb, play… and ski

With a large choice of activities beyond the slopes, including snowshoeing, fitness, indoor rock-climbing, skiing and snowboarding are just the tip of iceberg. Get a rush beyond the slopes!

N°35 - Ready, steady, ski!

With Club Med’s Easy Arrival, book your stay, skip the queue (UK) / line (US) and enjoy all your gear prepared and ready to use.
Turn hassle-free into instant fun!

N°47 - No snow, no ski, no fee

With Club Med's optional snow guarantee, we cover all angles, including snow cover.
Ensuring stress-free stay

N°61 - Ski school, ski cool

With multiple levels ofadults ski and snowboarding lessons, going back to school has never been more exhilarating. Make the mountain your playground!

N°64 - Weekend deals for non-stop skiing

With Club Med's great short stay deals, skiing becomes your new weekend activity.
Spend less, ski more!

N°65 - From kindergarden to Snow Garden

With Club Med's Snow Garden, watch your little ones take their very first snow-steps.
Young starters, fast learners!

N°68 - Mini medals. Big champions.

With Club Med's ESF skiing / snowbaord medals ceremony, feel the emotion as your young ones touch the stars.
Be proud of your heros!

N°31 - Love to go back to school

With an ESF ski school in each Club Med, all your ski information is one step away.
going back to school has never been so cool!

N°6 - Feel the heat and hit the slopes

With heated Ski Rooms at the foot of the slopes, facing the cold has never been so warm and easy.
Gear up and feel the heat!

N°70 - One ski pass, so many possibilities

With Club Med's 20 resorts in the Alps, pick up the ski pass at the reception and discover the biggest and most beautiful ski areas our world has to offer.
Prepare to live the dream!

N°49 - Put some spring in your ski

With Club Med's Spring Skiing, ski the mornings and explore new sports in the afternoon, thanks to our specailly adjusted schedule.
More sports, more fun!

Discover our ski resorts:

New ResortWinter
Exclusive Collection Space



Our Ambiance Signatures

N°81 - Every moment has its tune

With Club Med's Music Work, from pool-side to evening shows, every place has its ambiance.
Give your holiday a beautiful note!

N°62 - Your evening, your ambiance

With Club Med's amazing evening ambiances, discover live music, live shows... Any ambiance, any time. You choose!

Our Excursions signatures

N°54 - Tailored excursions, wild discoveries

With Club Med's organised tailored excursions, discover a world at your doorstep.
Get out there and take it all in!

Discover our best resorts for excursions: