Credit Note Information

For cancelled departures

Re-booking your holiday for a future date

If your holiday has been cancelled due to Covid19, you will receive a Refund Credit Note (RCN).

Club Med’s RCNs are valid until 31st January 2022 (for bookings without flights) and 30th September 2021 (for bookings with flights), in accordance with our ABTA bond.

The RCN scheme has been devised by ABTA and is in line with European Commission guidance in responding to this unprecedented crisis.

A RCN entitles you to rebook a holiday at a future date or receive a cash refund at or before the expiry date of the RCN. A RCN preserves the rights above, so please do not be concerned that you are waiving any of your rights when you receive an RCN.

**A RCN also retains the financial protection that you had with your original booking with ABTA/ATOL as applicable. **
• If we cancel your trip due to Covid-19 you will receive a RCN.
• If you cancel your trip due to Covid-19, you will receive a RCN, provided such cancellation was necessary in view of recommended FCO/Government advice.

• If you decide to cancel your trip for any other reason or in relation to travel for which there is no clear government guidance or FCO travel prohibition (eg travel sometime in the future), Club Med’s normal Booking Conditions will apply.

Our first priority now is to ensure that all customers receive RCNs as quickly as possible, to ensure that they, and the money they have paid us, are properly protected. Whilst most of our Customers will have already received RCNs, the sheer volume of customers affected by cancellations resulting from the Covid-19 crisis, together with the additional challenges of our offices being closed, lack of access to certain systems and our entire team working from home, will inevitably result in delays.

Once all RCNs are in place, we shall turn our attention to re-bookings and refunds. Please bear with us, we are doing our best in very difficult circumstances.

If you would like to rebook your holiday to a later holiday or a different package, please note all changes necessary due to Covid-19 will be made free of charge.

Relevant Changes to ABTAs Member Code of Conduct:
Please note due to the exceptional circumstances and volume of cases, ABTA has made the following amendments to its Member Code of Conduct:

• Members now have an extended period of 56, not 28 days to reply to correspondence from clients
• The Code’s time limit on providing refunds within 14 days has been suspended. Instead refunds shall be provided “without undue delay”. There are of course unavoidable delays at present.

All queries and requests will be responded to well within the above guidelines.