Here to help you with Covid-19 tests

Entry to some of our destinations currently require a negative Covid-19 test before you travel. As these tests must be done privately, we have tried to make life easier by securing a discounted price for home PCR tests through our recommended partner supplier Randox.

Entry to our Resorts now requires proof of a negative PCR or antigen Covid-19 test. Find out more.

We have introduced a health protocol so that we can welcome you safely this summer. We will ask you to provide the result of a negative RT-PCR (nasopharyngeal or saliva) or antigen Covid-19 test, done within 72 hours before your arrival, unless vaccinated. In this case, a record of a complete vaccination (In English or French) against Covid-19* will be also accepted. *one or two shots depending on the number of doses required for the vaccine in question. In the absence of these documents, access to the Resort will be denied to said person as well as the accompanying guardian if the person is a minor or any accompanying minors if the person is an adult.

How to order a PCR test

Head to the Randox testing kit order page to order one. Use our unique discount code ClubMed43 to get test kits at discounted prices (detailed below):

  • Pre Departure Test - £43
  • Day 2 Covid-19 Test - £43
  • Day 2 and Day 8 Covid-19 Test Pack - £86
  • Day 8 Covid-19 Test - £43
  • Green Travel Pack (includes 1 pre-departure PCR test and 1 day 2 PCR test) - £86
  • Amber Travel Pack (includes 1 pre-departure PCR test, 1 day 2 PCR test and 1 day 8 PCR test) - £129
  • Test To Release (Day 5) - £43
  • Algarve Test To Return - £60
  • Algarve Return Amber Travel Pack - £189

We do advise you to purchase a package if it includes all the kits you need instead of individual kits. The cost won’t differ at all, it’s simply the technic the sample needs to be analysed in line with government guidelines when they reach laboratory.

  • Home PCR tests are sent out by Randox for next-day delivery to your home – as long as you order by 12pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays in Northern Ireland. Due to demand please allow up two business days.
  • Once the test is done you will need to arrange for your sample to be collected from your nearest drop-off point by calling the DX Health Team on 0333 241 5100. Lines are open 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday and charges may apply. You then need to drop your sample off at an approved DX Sample Drop location before 5pm that day.

Full details on ordering the test, receiving the results and FAQs can be found here.

Find your closest drop-off point

What do I do with my result?

Results of your test will be provided within 24 hours of the sample arriving at the lab and will be sent to you directly. Some countries will require you to enter the results in a passenger locator form and some just request to see the confirmation of your negative result. Please refer to FCDO website for full up to date requirements.

Who are Randox?

Randox Laboratories is one of the UK’s largest and most experienced suppliers of Covid-19 testing. They are the only laboratory to provide a full end-to-end service, including manufacture, distribution, collection, testing and reporting.

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