With many of us working remotely and staying at home as much as possible, entertaining our little ones has become an everyday challenge. Explore this page to find fun activities and tips from our Kids Clubs G.Os and partners to keep the whole family entertained and educated.

The Mini Artist

A colourful activity: Have your children choose a picture and print it out for them or let them view it online and get them to attempt to paint it. Share their best work on Instagram with the hashtag #ClubMedathome.

Will it be Seychelles or La Rosière?

Get your pencils out and start colouring

Download the colouring in picture and print it for your children. Let them colour it in with all the colours they can imagine.

Be extra creative with our DIYs

Follow our step-by-step with the kids and let their endless imagination bloom.

DIY Scrapbook with @leonarose's illustrations

You can do some scrapbooking to illustrate your favourite memories from past holidays or some fun experiences you have had at home. Get creative with the DIY scrapbook.

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DIY Make your own stamps

With our DIY potato stamp, you can create any shaped stamps to use on your drawings. You can begin with a heart or a star for example.

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DIY Become a Fun Clay sculptor

Try our fun Clay step-by-step DIY to create your own clay and then get creative by building sculptures.

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Try the art of Origami

Follow our step-by-step and become a Master of Origami! You can start making the famous April fool...

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Create a story using Shadow Puppet

Shadow puppetry, is an ancient form of storytelling and entertainment. Discover our step-by-step guide and put on a show for the family.

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For your mini geniuses

7 differences game

Look closely to try spot the differences in the two pictures. There are 7 things to look out for.

Amazing games

And some podcasts

But Why: a podcast for Curious Kids

Kids are always curious and want to know everything. Such as "Why is the sky blue?" and "Who invented words?" This cute biweekly radio show/podcast takes on answering these questions.

Best for: All ages

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Story Time

These 10 to 15 minute stores are perfect to get the little ones to sleep. The podcast is updated every other week and each episode contains kid friendly stories. Best for preschoolers and little kids.

Best for: Preschoolers and little kids

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Go with nugget

Go With Nugget for Kids is a travel podcast for curious kids. In each episode, they take children on a journey of discoveries of different countries and cultures to connect kids from around the world, to celebrate what we have in common and what makes us all unique.

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