How to make the most of quality time with your family

You’ve been counting down the days to your holiday and it’s finally here. So how can you make sure you’re getting the most of this special time with your family? Follow our advice to make that quality time count.

Family holidays are the highlight of any year, but they’re not without their stresses. Sometimes the biggest worry is ensuring that you all make the most of it. So whether you’re hoping to chill out together or plan on taking part in non-stop fun activities while you’re away, here’s how you can enjoy it to the max.

Plan ahead

To make the most of your time together, it’s a great idea to start planning some activities in advance so that you don’t end up losing too much time to indecision when you finally get there. Are family adventure holidays your thing? Then schedule in time for a sit-down before you go so that you can map out the things that everyone wants to do. If it’s watersports you’re looking forward to, which ones? Is it sailing, surfing or scuba-diving that most appeals to your family? Booking in advance will not only save you stress later, it’ll add to the excitement as you look forward to a special activity.

Go all-inclusive

If you opt for an all-inclusive option, you afford yourself the luxury of knowing that all of your meals – and much more besides – are taken care of, giving you the freedom to relax and see what takes your fancy on a given day. Opt for a resort offering a great variety of family activities and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing there will be something to keep every member of the family entertained, all day long: whether your idea of fun is sports and games, or unwinding in a spa.

Get the kids involved

Remember, it’s their holiday too, and they’ll feel much more involved if they get to help plan it. Whether it’s the choice of the day’s activity (sports? Yoga? Cooking class?) or something that the whole family will be taking part in, it’s the easiest way to make sure they’re having a brilliant holiday too. And again, if you opt for all-inclusive, you’ll have the freedom to mix it up as you fancy, as well as getting excited by scoping out the clubs in advance.

Come prepared

To ensure a peaceful family getaway, it’s never a bad idea to come prepared with the little things that’ll keep the kids entertained if they don’t love the idea of wiling away the hours on a beach as much as you do. Favourite toys and digital tablets loaded with episodes of their favourite TV shows are an obvious thing to find room for in your suitcase if you’ve got younger ones with you. And if you children are a bit older, card games, board games or a favourite film could provide the perfect opportunity for a bit of bonding in the evening if you feel like taking it easy.

Book an excursion

To really maximise the quality of the time you spend together as a family, consider booking an excursion. A day out exploring a new culture is not only stimulating and fun, it makes you spend time together (which on some family activity holidays, can be harder than you might think). And the chances are you’ll all be wowed as you learn something new in a stunning location, giving you the kind of communal family experience that can be all too rare. So whether it’s a trip to a nearby village or a historical monument, it’s sure to be a lasting memory. It will also give you the opportunity to shot the perfect family photo!

Choose your rooms carefully

The age of the children in your family will obviously have an influence on the set-up of the rooms you book. So if your kids are that little bit older, why not consider giving interconnecting rooms a try? That way, they can experience a sense of independence, while you can relax knowing that they’re never too far away. It also provides a nice balance for your holiday, meaning that there’s time for privacy, but you’re still together as a family. As these are limited rooms, make sure you book early to give you the widest choice of accommodation.

Switch off the work emails

Taking a proper break from work will ensure that every member of the family has the best holiday experience, and you’ll all benefit from it. Can you go cold turkey from the moment you put your out-of-office on your work emails? If not, then maybe you could set a strict schedule where you’ll allow yourself one hour per day to check in and respond. Not only will you feel more relaxed for taking a break, but your children will also appreciate the full-on attention that can be difficult to manage with a busy work life.

Share the load

If you’re a two-parent family, why don’t you plan in some opportunities for each of you to be able to indulge in a bit of me-time? If you can carve out some personal time, it could lead to a happier holiday overall. If you’re travelling with the extended family, look for opportunities where they can take the lead with the kids, giving them the chance to make some memories to treasure while you enjoy some much needed R&R. Kids clubs are also fantastic, keeping your children active and entertained all day long, giving you plenty of time for rest and relaxation. Whatever their age, your kids will love the wide range of activities run by fully qualified childcare professionals and the opportunity to meet new friends.

Make new traditions

When it comes to spending time with family, you’re always going to be the expert. Trust your instincts: you know what’s best for your tribe, and your idea of quality time with the family doesn’t need to align with anyone else’s. Choose a resort with a wide array of activities so that your every whim can be catered for, and create your own holiday traditions: something as simple as dining together every day can work wonders. It’s unlikely you’ll all get to sit around a table together every night at home, so make the most of it: it’s the perfect time to catch up and relive your best holiday moments if you’ve been off doing different activities all day.

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