Find out what Brits want to achieve in 2021

Buying the car of their dreams, quitting a job they hate and going on a holiday of a lifetime are among the list of New Year’s Resolutions Brits intend to make for 2021.

As the end of 2020 draws closer we at Club Med wanted to find out more about how this crisis has affected Brits and what they wanted to achieve in 2021. So, we conducted a nationwide study where we asked participants about their New Years resolutions. Interestingly, we found that 64% of people will be making a New Year’s Resolution this year, with half of those claiming they don’t normally.

This year has given us the opportunity to reflect on what is truly important to us and many have take this into account when deciding their 2021 resolutions. Making important lifestyle changes was at the top of people's minds with **26% ** wanting to become fitter and 14% planning to use less plastic as they become more mindful of the environment. 12% also wanted to spend less time on their phones so that can be more present in the moment. Many began to appreciate what they had, with an honourable one in ten determined to give back by doing some charity or volunteer work next year. A massive 25% of those surveys stated that they wanted to spend more time with family and friends, with some saying that they want to say 'yes' to every social occasion (8%).

Almost a quarter of those surveyed said that they have learnt a lot this year, and we can agree that one of the main things we have learnt this year is that life is short so we need to make the most of it. This was supported by the fact that 43% hope that as a nation we will start to live life to the full, with the most common resolution being to live by the motto "don’t sweat the small stuff". Learning to look after their mental health is going to be a new rule for 23% of Brits, as was living each day as if it were our last. The poll also found that 28% of adults said they will embrace the things they have always wanted to do and one in five (20%) claim they will be more willing to say yes to things.

After many of us being trapped in the UK for most of the year, it is understandable that a lot of Brits cannot wait to leave. In fact, 27% said that they want to book the holiday of a lifetime in 2021, with more than one in ten said they’d like to go skiing. Plus, while on this holiday of a lifetime, they will have plenty of time to fulfil their resolution of reading more books as they lounge by the pool in the sun or those that wish to eat more bread and wine can do so at our French resorts. 10% of participants said that they would like to try a new extreme hobby such as bungee jumping. This goes well with the desire for a skiing holiday as there a a wide range of extreme winter sports available around our ski resorts. Plus, in line with people being more eco-friendly in the future, 10% of people agreed that this year has inspired them to travel more sustainably.

The Top 10 Resolutions

1 Don’t sweat the small stuff 27%
2 Book the holiday of a lifetime 27%
3 Become fitter 26%
4 Spend more time with family and friends 25%
5 Go with your gut 23%

6 Be fearless 23%
7 Look after my mental health 23%
8 Live each day as if it was my last 23%
9 Be more impulsive 21%
10 Eat bread and drink wine 17%

What do these mean...

Estelle Giraudeau, Managing Director, UK & Northern Europe at Club Med comments:After such an unprecedented year, Brits really intend on making the most of 2021 and I am sure many of these new year’s resolutions will stick. With people missing out on their holidays this year, it’s no wonder they are looking to book the holiday of a lifetime in 2021. With a brand-new resort in the Seychelles and a skier’s paradise opening in La Rosière in 2021, Club Med have a number of experiences that will ensure people tick these off. From spending precious time with loved ones through to indulging in food and wine and offering moments of tranquillity to lose yourself in book – Club Med has is all.”