The benefits of booking a last minute holiday

Many of us like to be organised and plan our holidays months in advance, however in the current climate planning ahead is a little more difficult. Therefore, booking a last-minute family holiday is an increasingly popular way of guaranteeing yourself the break that you deserve, and ensuring some quality family time that you are most in need of.

1. Last Minute Deals

The best deals can sometimes be available at the end of the season and that is no different here at Club Med. With our last-minute sun & ski deals of up to 15% off, you can enjoy the Club Med luxury experience at a lower price.

2. Excitement!

There is nothing more exciting than knowing you are going on holiday soon, and with a last-minute holiday there is no need to countdown till take off as it’ll be just around the corner! Booking a spontaneous trip is just what everyone needs during this time as it brings excitement and joy to the entire family.

3. Guaranteed Snowfall

By booking a last-minute ski holiday you are able to wait for reliable snow-cover reports which means that you will not have the disappointment of arriving at your ski destination to be greeted by a lack of good snow.

Why not check out our last minute sun and ski holiday deals to see how you can save by booking a last minute Club Med holiday!