What is an Affiliation Programme?

If you have a relevant website, you can earn revenue easily through the Club Med Affiliation Programme by referring customers online. You just have to display your choice of Club Med advertising material on your site, and we will pay you a commission for every purchase made through your website.

We are offering a staggering 5% commission on every sale (Average basket is £3300)

Our banners and text links are freely available from Tradedoubler and a dedicated contact and support could help you setting up your account if needed.

How does it work?

When you sign up to the programme through our network partner Tradedoubler, you will have a number of advertising creatives and text links available for you to choose from, as well as text copy. All you have to do is copy the code for any creative or text link and paste it on to your site, or even into an email newsletter. Each link you pick up will have a tracking code embedded in it which is unique to you.

Once the Club Med links and/or copy are included on your page, you can log in and view your statistics at any time on the Tradedoubler interface. As an affiliate, there is never any cost to you and you are never under any obligation to display our advertising materials.

You will be kept informed of Club Med's news and latest offers regularly, so you can make the most of our promotional offers and optimize your revenue. Our affiliation network partner Tradedoubler will be able to answer any queries you have, from simple questions about links to advice on maximizing your commissions at delta.uk@tradedoubler.com

Join our programme via Trade Doubler