All inclusive holidays in Morocco

Discover the diverse and spectacular culture of North Africa when you visit our majestic, family-friendly Morocco destinations. Our luxury all inclusive Morocco holidays are completely hassle-free and are perfect for all the family, all year round. From beach holidays in Marrakech, to sports holidays in Agadir, our Morocco holiday resorts have it all. Browse our all-inclusive Morocco holidays & get yourself ready for the sunshine!

Club Med invites you to Marrakesh, to the heart of the palm grove. With family or friends, it's the ideal destination for an all-inclusive holiday in Morocco. Whether you prefer the adrenaline of the tennis court or the thrill of the golf course, after your game, explore the Medina and its legendary souks. For absolute comfort and exquisite art de vivre, discover the Riad, our Exclusive 5 Ψ Space.

Our Yasmina Resort on the Straits of Gibralter, for an all-inclusive holiday in Morocco. Club Med welcomes you by the deep blue Mediterranean Sea for a stay with family or friennds in a dream setting where you can devote your time to your favourite sport, or just chill out by the overflow pool.

Club Med welcomes you to Agadir. This legendary town is a perfect destination for an all-inclusive holiday in Morocco. The charm of Morocco will fill your stay with the spice of the exotic. With sports and fun galore, you have all the ingredients for a perfect family holiday.

The Club Med experience in Morocco is more than just an all-inclusive holiday.

Morocco is where dreams are made; explore a symphony of colours and tastes, sand dunes as far as the eye can see, and a labyrinth of alleyways in the Medina.

A stay in Morocco with many different faces.

Club Med is proud to offer you three different types of all-inclusive stay in Morocco. Enjoy the coastal landscapes of Club Med Yasmina resort or further to the south, the Atlantic coastine of Club Med Agadir resort. Or if you're looking for more of a city experience, discover Club Med Marrakech la Palmeraie, near the heat and beat of Marrakech.

Discover Marrakech

Discover the very best of Morocco's natural surroundings.

Continue your all-inclusive stay in Morocco by the Gibraltar Strait, the length of its shoreline dotted with coves, cliffs and sandy beaches. Just a few kilometres from Agadir and the Club Med resort, squeeze into your itinerary a surfing day at Taghazout Beach. Make a stop at the Dades wadi, where the gorges make the perfect backdrop for exceptional hiking.

Experience all-inclusive by Club Med and experience the Moroccan way of life.

During your stay in Morocco, let yourself be guided in the souks by shops filled with spices, mint tea and pastries. Let yourself be intoxicated by the fragrances of saffron, cumin and cinnamon; spices that season the fish dishes that are just as much a part of the gastronomic scene in Morocco as are the traditional couscous and tajines. For a moment of tranquillity, discover the gentle heat of Moroccan saunas, a key feature of local tradition.

Akchour Valley

A place like no other that you’ll discover by climbing the luxuriant Akchour Valley, at the heart of the Talassemtane National Park. 2 hours from the Club Med Yasmina resort, take to the hiking trails from the Pont de Dieu (God’s Bridge) at an impressive ...


Djebel Toubkal

Dominating the country and all of North Africa from its impressive 4167 m altitude, the Djebel Toubkal massif promises to deliver a breathtaking panorama over the High Atlas. During an all-inclusive stay in Morocco, lovers of trekking and high mountains w...

Marrakech La Palmeraie

Valley of Paradise - Immouzer Valley

In the foothills of the Atlas, one hour from the Club Med Agadir resort, the Immouzer Valley can be found, or as it is more commonly known, the “Valley of Paradise”. A nickname that is certainly fitting for the high plateaux from which waterfalls cascade ...


Essaouira Medina

Essaouira (“the well drawn” in Berber) lives up to its name: its Medina is classed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. During an all-inclusive stay in Morocco, wander through the historic part of town: its military architecture was inspired by the work of Va...

Hassan II Mosque

At Casablanca, the Hassan II Mosque has everything required to enchant you. Its astonishing immensity will be the first thing to strike you: its minaret tower is 200 metres high and it’s one of the biggest mosques in the world! Behind its 18 enormous door...

Tetouan Medina

Set off to discover the Tetouan Medina, one of the smallest Medina in Morocco! Not far from the Club Med Yasmina resort, the old town of Tetouan is classed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Once a key location of the union between Morocco and Andalusia, it...


Chefchaouen Medina

In Morocco, there is Majorelle blue and then there’s the blue of the Chefchaouen Medina. To the north-east of the country, 1 hour 45 minutes from the Club Med Yasmina resort, this charming little village with 40,000 inhabitants unfolds with its picturesqu...


Argan Phyto House

Hailed as having multiple benefits for the health, the argan tree is the symbol of Morocco. Step into a intimate and refined atmosphere at the Argan Phyto House and relax in a real bubble of serenity. The perfumes of neroli mix with the scent of black soa...


Les Dunes Agadir Golf

For playing golf during an all-inclusive stay in Morocco, the Club Med Les Dunes Agadir resort has everything you could possibly need. Located just 10 minutes from the city centre, it has three 9-hole courses to offer, adapted to beginners and seasoned go...


Tetouan International Festival of Mediterranean Cinema

25 marzo 2018 - 01 aprile 2018

For 30 years, the Tetouan International Festival of Mediterranean Cinema has been a key date impossible to miss for lovers of the seventh art form. During an all-inclusive stay in Morocco, discover the wealth of Mediterranean cinema with its full-length f...


Marrakesh Biennial

22 febbraio 2018 - 06 maggio 2018

During your all-inclusive trip to Marrakesh, discover one of the city's most important artistic events: The Marrakesh Biennial. A veritable feast of creativity, this event builds bridges between cultures, in a city with a rich cultural fabric. Visual arts...

Marrakech La Palmeraie

Timitar Festival

04 luglio 2018 - 07 luglio 2018

Right next to the Club Med Agadir resort, let yourself be charmed by the Timitar festival, which takes place at the crossroads between Amazigh and global music. If you want to add to your repertoire with traditional songs or discover new artists, this is ...


Alegria Festival

14 luglio 2018 - 15 luglio 2018

At the heart of Chefchaouen and 1 hour 45 minutes from the Club Med Yasmina resort, let yourself be invigorated by the Latino-Hispanic rhythms of the Alegria music festival. The white and blue town welcomes you to its traditional and charming centre. Its ...


Spend a family holiday in Morocco

Rocked by the sounds of the waves or charmed by the hustle and bustle of the souks, a family stay in Morocco is an adventure where worlds meet. Choose between lounging around or a true getaway adventure!

Discover a remarkable culture

Whether strolling around the souks, discovering the desert or experiencing the rich Bedouin culture, your family stay in Morocco will be steeped in history. From either Club Med Agadir resort or Club Med Marrakech resort, set out to explore the Essaouira Medina; a UNESCO World Heritage site of European and Arabic influences. Or why not head towards the former Berber palace of Kasbah de Taourirt?

Discover our Marrakech resort

Your family holiday in Morocco: magical moments guaranteed.

Your family holiday in Morocco will be the perfect opportunity to share special moments with your kids. Enjoy the beautiful Moroccan beaches and relax by the calm waters. Water parks are also on the programme; visit Oasiria Water Park and enjoy the 20 attractions on offer! Further to the east, set out as a family for an excursion to Merguza, a small Saharan village renowned for being home to the highest sand dunes in Morocco. Or why not share some giggles with the Marrakesh Laughter Festival, hosted by Jamel Debbouze?

Things to do in Morocco

Family adventures

4L Trophy Raid

15 febbraio 2018 - 25 febbraio 2018

The 4L Trophy is a 10 day-long adventure! A course stretching out over 6000 km taken on by students from across France, Spain and Morocco on board a Renault 4L. The goal? To distribute academic provisions in the poorest villages and at the same time to ha...

Marrakech La Palmeraie

Rally Maroc Classic, the Heart Route

10 marzo 2018 - 16 marzo 2018

The best of Morocco. Here is what the Rally Morocco Classic has to offer: a 7-day saga over 2000 km at the heart of the country. From Casablanca to Marrakesh, passing by Essaouira, Agadir or Ouarzazate, it allows collection vehicles to travel across this ...

Marrakech La Palmeraie

Marrakesh Laughter Festival

20 giugno 2018 - 24 giugno 2018

Your family holiday in Morocco is the perfect opportunity to attend the Marrakesh Laughter Festival. Its creator, the Franco-Moroccan comedian Jamel Debbouze describes it as “the global crossroads of comedy”. Get yourself there, amongst the 80,000 people ...

Marrakech La Palmeraie

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