Discover Ancient Turkey

Discover Ancient Turkey

“The staff really are the secret ingredient here. They go out of their way to ensure everyone is having a wonderful time.”
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Review of Club Med Kemer

If Egypt is the point where the Middle East meets Africa, Turkey is undoubtedly where it meets Europe both geographically and culturally. Turkey holidays are unique as the country offers a fusion of secular European modernity with traditional Middle Eastern and Mediterranean culture.


Palmiye in the Taurus Mountains also offers sailing and tennis for families, alongside 850 yards of beautiful beach. The resort has a dedicated area for teenagers, and several swimming pools.

Luxury Holidays in Palmiye

Bodrum Palmiye

Meanwhile, at Bodrum Palmiye on the Aegean Sea, windsurfing and cultural excursions go hand in hand with luxurious massage and beauty treatments at the resort’s health spa.

Luxury Holidays in Bodrum Palmiye


For those seeking an adults only resort, Kemer is the ideal choice. For those who want to experience the wonders of Istanbul, there is the option to divide your time.

Discover the sights of Istanbul

What to do in Turkey

On a holiday to Turkey you can discover the traces of myriad ancient civilisations and empires, such as the Hittites, Romans, Ottomans and Byzantinians. All this is awaiting exploration in our various locations across Turkey. Medieval castles and indulgent palaces share the landscape with imposing mountain ranges and balmy Mediterranean coastline. Meanwhile Turkey’s culinary delights are tantalising, blending eastern spices and Mediterranean ingredients.

Club Med resorts

Sailing, tennis and a number of other exciting excursions makes Palmiye one of our most popular resorts, whilst the beach at Bodrum Palmiye’s offers breath-taking views across the ocean. The adults only Kemer resort is perfect for those that are looking for a grown-up escape, and with the option to spend a few days in the resort and a few days in Istanbul, it’s a great way to see Turkey from a variety of perspectives.

What you need to know

• Currency: Turkish Lira
• Capital City: Ankara
• Languages Spoken: Turkish
• Time Difference from GMT: +2 hours
• Flight Time: 4 hours




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