Escape to Mexico

Escape to Mexico

“My family and I just returned from Club Med Cancun, Yucatan and loved it! It was the vacation of a lifetime!”
A TripAdvisor Traveller, 21/08/2014 t Trip Advisor Logo
Review of Club Med Cancun Yucatan

Mexico is a vibrant country with a rich culture, full of iconic sights and welcome surprises. A fusion of Spanish and native Central American influences permeate the everyday life here, while fantastic beaches and a sub-tropical climate make holidays to Mexico truly invigorating.

Cancun Yucatan

In a lush natural setting conveniently located close to Mayan archaeological sites and fabulous beaches, the resort is ideal for families seeking an exhilarating yet relaxing holiday.

Luxury Cancun Yucatan Holidays

Ixtapa Pacific

In the heart of the Sierra Madre Mountains, families enjoying their Mexico holidays can bask in the magnificent views over the Pacific Ocean offered by the Ixtapa Pacific resort..

Luxury Ixtapa Pacific Holidays

What to do in Mexico

Holidays to Mexico enable visitors to immerse themselves in the great Mesoamerican civilisations lost world, while experiencing the latest sports activities and relaxation treatments. From strolling through Chapultepec Park to visiting the Temple of the Sun, you’ll be blown away by the amount of things to do and see whilst you’re in Mexico.

Club Med resorts

One of the foremost resorts for all-inclusive holidays to Mexico is Cancun Yucatan, on the country’s easternmost peninsula. You can find a great variety of excursions to destinations such as the Mayan site of Chichen Itza; one of the seven wonders of the modern world. At our Ixtapa Pacific resort, swimming with dolphins and sunset cruises aboard a catamaran are amongst the experiences that make the resort a premier choice for all inclusive Mexico holidays

What you need to know

• Currency: Peso
• Capital City: Mexico City
• Languages Spoken: Spanish
• Time Difference from GMT: -6 hours
• Flight Time: 11 hours




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